Sicilian After Shave Splash


A strong scented rich moisturizing and healing after shave splash enriched with vitamins and soothing elements.

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    • Sicilian opens with the citrus duo of bergamot and lemon that blends well with lavendern plus lovely jasmine sambac. Sweetness is supplied courtesy of the honey, tonka and vanilla; the key is the tobacco.
    • Soap
      A rich scented lather that quickly builds up a thick creamy lather.Offering Pinnacle Grooming’s reputation for a soap that can take lots of water and builds up a slick and residual slickness. Offering excellent cushioning and glide.Leaves an excellent post shave feeling with lots of moisturising and healing properties.

    Scent Ingredients

    Denatured Alcohol, Stearate Citrate, ISO E Super, Ethylhexyl salicylate, Dibutylhydroxytoluene. Vitamin E. Aloe Vera. Witch Hazel. Polysorbate-20. Calendula Oil. Fragrance & Essential Oils.

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